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Safety and quality - from production to the plate

The entire production chain is completely monitored based on strict standards: it starts with the raw material purchase, continues with superior and safe, regularly monitored production methods and is furthermore based on reliable logistics.

All this is guaranteed by our qualified and reliable team – they know what matters to assure top quality. This is how we achieve top results – and make sure you receive superior and safe products.

FVZ is certified in accordance with

ISO 50001:2018
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ISO 9001:2015
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Being an EC approved organisation (DE EV 83 EG), we are allowed to process meat, minced meat and dairy products.

Quality, sustainability and animal welfare are our first priority.

Granted by the completely transparent Vion Food Group value chain we can guarantee the best quality at any point – we know where our raw material comes from. Continuous internal and external audits prove our extremely high quality standards.

Sustainability and animal welfare aren't only words for us, they are the foundation of our daily work. Having published the first CSR report, Vion proves to be a pioneer in our industry and sets new standards as to transparency. The complete report can be found here.

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